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Sport and Solidarity

The Rasero Plastomer Engineering was completely destroyed by the flood of 1994 and had risen only thanks to the commitment of its employees and the help of volunteers from all over Italy. Volunteers without asking in return, physically and morally helped company to restart business and facilitate to the rebirth and development of the areas that suffer devastating natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods.

The Rasero Plastomer Engineering made humanitarian aids in areas of natural disasters; for example, by using its own structures and materials company mounted
• a temporary school structure after the earthquake in Abruzzo 2009,
• a church and relative oratory after the earthquake in Emilia 2012,
• a large tent city after the earthquake in Nepal 2015,
• a logistics base with offices, restaurants, recreational activities for the population, for a voluntary association after the earthquake of Amatrice 2016.
Believing that youth sport has an important educational, cultural and social value, the Rasero Plastomer Engineering has supported and financed sports clubs in our area. As a result, clubs achieved even the competitive results that went beyond the most optimistic expectations:
• company is the main sponsor of Asti women's basketball team in the Serie B2
• is gold sponsor of the women's volleyball team of Asti in Serie B1
• since 2017 supports the youth sector of a women's volleyball team in Asti currently competing in Serie C which includes more than 300 girls.

a school for Abruzzo
Asti volley and Rasero tende
Rasero teloni basketball
Rasero teloni game
Rasero teloni basketball
second division


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