We Design

innovative SOLUTIONS

Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

Nautical and Aeronautical

For manufacturers of boats and aircraft (for shipyards, refitting, etc.) the Rasero Plastomer Engineering designs and produces its products in compliance with the specifications and environmental characteristics of individual locations:
• flexible fixed or motorized mobile hangar
• large flexible automated portals
• flexible tanks for water or fuel, flexible fireproof tanks
• pneumatic cushions to lift or stabilize the vehicles,
• floating anti-pollution barriers to circumscribe the boats during the launching phase, cleaning, repair, emptying the holds or tanks,
• barriers to protect workshops from oil spills
• fixed or mobile walls or divisions
• thermal compartments

Starting from the feasibility test of the project, our technical office works in close cooperation with customers. Experts of technical office make recommendations and use their technical expertise for the development of an optimal solution for the customer in order to produce product that is perfectly adapted to the needs of the end-users.

nautical mobile hangar
nautical hangar
portale of mobile nautical hangar
nautical mobile hangar
nautical mobile hangar
nautical mobile hangar
nautical mobile hangar
permanent hangar in shipyard
nautical permanent hangar
nautical portal
nautical sliding portal
portals and hangars
permanent hangar in shipyard
permanent hangar in shipyard
nautical hangar
nautical textile architecture
textile architecture
textile architecture
nautical retractile hangar
retractile nautical warehouse
shipyard retractile hangar
industrial tensile structure
industrial tensile structure
industriale tensile structure
partition walls of industrial environments
partition walls of industrial environments
partition walls of industrial enviroments
fast doors in shipyard
automated fast doors
fuel tank
liquid food tank
antipollution booms reel


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