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Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

Industry, Commerce, Health and Sport

The interventions in the commercial, hospital, sports industry are varied and heterogeneous, so products are designed on basis of complete satisfaction of the client's needs. Plastomers vary with different applications.
For logistical purposes Rasero Plastomer Engineering can provide products such as:
• fixed or movable flexible walls made with class 1 fireproof plastomers,
• compartments and flexible environmental divisions with class 1 fireproof plastomers which is athermal, insulated, thermo-conditioned, sound-absorbing,
• flexible doors with automatic rapid opening made with fireproof enclosures in class 1 or 2, that is sound absorbing, athermic, insulated, thermo-conditioned with the possibility of creating heated thermal chambers for refrigeration departments or for particularly cold areas. The doors can divide internal departments to zones of different temperatures and controls; to accesses and gates from the outside; to clean areas,
• hangar and flexible warehouses for temporary storage of goods and finished products,
• flexible sport halls for temporary use,
• portals and loading / unloading platforms for isothermal, bumper and impact-resistant goods,
• flexible tanks for fire-fighting water supplies, and for production,
• waterproofing tanks storage, decanting, filtering,
• flexible tanks for storing fuels, hydrocarbons, and for the collection of waste oils.

For industrial production purposes Rasero Plastomer Engineering supplies products such as:
• plastomer or elastomer o-rings (gasket),
• opaque and transparent covers for machinery,
• cover set for dusty environments,
• special anti-shock, insulated, perforated, dustproof packs,
• filters and fabrics for dust or mud collection,
• pneumatic shutters or compensators,
• separation panels and protections for welding divisions,
• sound-absorbing cabins.

warehouse frame
warehouse frame
warehouse detail
warehouse detail
flexible warehouses
flexible sliding closures
environmental division
environmental division
flexible warehouse
roofing panels
roofing panels
lateral covers
cover for goods reception warehouses
logistics industry
giant door
portals for shipbuilding
high speed folding doors
high speed folding doors
quick vertical folding doors
rapid doors
pipes for forced ventilation
permanent flexible walls
passable walls
sound-absorbent soundproofing walls
sound-absorbent soundproofing cabins
welding station
equipment cover
equipment cover
equipment cover
fire-fighting liquid storage tanks
hydrocarbons tanks
fuel storage tank
inert gas storage tank
tank for the storage of combustible liquids
plastomer gasket


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