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Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.


The Rasero Plastomer Engineering has taken a leading role with regard to the plastomers product applicable for food processing. Since the end of the 80s company initiated a research and development of materials that could meet the most stringent rules regarding the contact with different foods. The collaboration with external research and experimentation groups brought company to the top in the its sector.
Moreover, the constant collaboration and the synergy that has been created over the years with our customers allows us to seek out new products that meet the changing needs of the market, while taking advantage of the experience deriving from other sectors.
We published many articles in order to emphasize and portray the result of our work and our research.
We are at the forefront for the production of various products such as;
• flexible tanks to contain drinking water,
• flexible tanks to contain alcohol liquids 1/100 °,
• flexible tanks to contain vegetable oils for animal and human consumption,
• flexible tanks to contain and to process animal fats or vegetable oil,
• tanks for containing rennet for cheese-making industries,
• flexible gas cisterns to recover and store inert gases, nitrogen, CO2.
and additionally, all tanks are easily transportable, with the necessary predispositions, on trucks, ships, planes.

At the same time we manufacture products for the logistics of the food industries:
• suitable plastomer wall coverings,
• motorized rapid doors,
• motorized rapid thermal break doors,
• aprons,
• food cover sheets,
• flexible coatings for clean rooms,
• flexible coatings for sound-absorbing rooms,
• special packaging in plastomer suitable for contact with foodstuffs for premises intended for processing the food and for handling them.

pneumatic compensators for tanks
pneumatic compensator with variable volume for tank
liquid food tanks
sulfur dioxide gasometer
inert gas gosmeter
liquid alcohol tanks
tanks for drinking water
tanks for transport and storage of liquids and food
sweet food liquid tanks
pipes for forced ventilation
divisions for clean rooms
camere bianche
camere bianche
industria alimentare
membrane per presse enologiche
membrane per presse enologiche


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