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innovative SOLUTIONS

Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.


For environmental protection, Rasero Plastomer Engineering offers innovative solutions dedicated to risk prevention. In case of emergency situations specially designed materials facilitate quick, effective and completely safe interventions.
• flexible tanks for storage and recovery of water.
• floating anti-pollution or static floating barriers for the protection of coasts, areas of tourist, naturalistic or environmental interest, coastal deposits and oil terminals, ports and marinas, shipyards coastal oil depots and terminals, ports and marinas, shipyards.
• intervention materials for anti pollution such as inflatable barriers to high seas, rapid inflation barriers for marine disasters, oil spills from mining platform, leaks from oil tankers in case of accidents or shipwrecks.
• inflatable barriers that allow to channel, divert, withhold or even stop the contaminants.
• systems for tracing marine loads during recovery operations using submarine lifting units and parachutes.
• floating tanks for the recovery of hydrocarbons.
• waterproofing and roofing polluted soils or landfills.
• flexible structures for covering stations filtering polluted sludge.
• tanks for retaining polluting liquids.
• waterproofing of settling basins.
• tanks for recovering waste oil.

anti-pollution inflatable booms
anti-flood booms
anti-pollution floating booms
anti-pollution floating booms
emergency intervention floatig booms
anti-pollution floating booms
unsinkable floating booms
inflatable booms reel
lifting submerged loads
tanks collecting polluting oils
tanks collecting polluting oils
waterproofing of water basins
fuel tank
waterproofing of tanks for seaweed cultivation
waterproofing for seaweed cultivation tank
waterproofing for seaweed cultivation tank
transparent pvc system for seaweed cultivation
piping for seaweed cultivation for biogas production
tarpaulin for seaweed cultivation tanks
tank for seaweed cultivation
tarpaulins  for covering sewage storage tank
covering for biogas plant
tarpaulins for covering biogas plants
polluted sludge filtering station cover
covering for polluted muds filtering station
movable closures
fuel storage tanks
rainwater tanks
oil recovery tank
storage tanks
flexible gasometer
inert gas gasometer
Floating booms for off shore platform protection
tarpaulins for oil installations


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