We Design

innovative SOLUTIONS

Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

Chemical and Nuclear Energy

In the field of energy production, Rasero Plastomer Engineering proposes innovative floating flexible covers for large concrete or metal tanks containing slurry, fermented biomass (digestate), hydrocarbons, oils.
These floating covers are made of inflatable tubular beams of different sizes and such plastomer covers are suitable for contact with various types of substances with different chemical aggressiveness

Among the numerous products we can mention:
• flexible tanks for the storage of hydrocarbons, fuels, oils, biofuel,
• gas meters for the storage of inert gases, nitrogen CO2,
• algae cultivation tanks for the production of biofuel and for the absorption of CO2,
• covers for biogas production plants,
• tarpaulins with integrated photovoltaic production systems,
• pneumatic compensators with variable volume for saturation tanks.

In the Nuclear sector, Rasero Plastomer Engineering supplies components that are used for protection and to avoid contamination both to operators or workers and to the environment.
We create flexible structures to
• host equipment for the decontamination of personnel and objects,
• cover contaminated land filtering and purification stations,
• waterproofing tanks of radioactive material storage,
• flexible tanks for containing acidic or basic chemical residues,
• flexible tanks for nitrogenous and sulphured fertilizers.

coverings for biogas plants
tanks for biomass production
biogas production plant covering
biogas production plant covering
biomasses production pipes
covering for digestates storage tanks
covering for muds filtering station
coverings for biogas complete plants
Complete tarpaulin for covering tanks for the production of biofertilizers, biomasses, biogas
floating coverings for production of biofertilizers, biomasses, biogas
preparation of a complete tarpaulin which covers tanks for the production of biofertilizers, biomasses, biogas
floating inflatable frame to cover tanks for biomass, biofertilizers, biogas production
coverings for mud filtering
pipes for forced ventilation
carbon dioxide gasometer
water storage tanks for cooling
chemical containment tank
tank containing chemical reagents
water tank
waterproofing for water basins
decontamination cabins
decontamination cabins and units
sound-absorbent soundproofing cabins
tarpaulins with integrated photovoltaic systems
tarpaulins for covering equipment
tank containing polluting liquids
tank containing polluting liquids
tarpaulins for oil extraction applications


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