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Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

Agriculture and Farming

Decades of experience in the sector allow Rasero Plastomer Engineering to propose solutions those are perfectly adapted to the agriculture sector. Strengthened by its original know-how in the field of flexible solutions for the storage of liquids and the capture of water, these materials can be placed on the ground, buried, detectable or fixed on trucks. Besides, materials are perfectly adaptable to any type of transport. To be in close liaison with the customers, Rasero Plastomer Engineering focuses its attention on the ergonomics of the products to ensure that they adapt to every type of use even in extreme conditions.

Company manufactures specific polymer plastics based products such as;
• waterproofing ponds, reservoirs, reservoirs for irrigation
• waterproofing mantles and / or covering of water derivation channels
• flexible tanks for water storage for irrigation
• tanks for rainwater collection
• flexible tanks and flexible containment tanks for storage of nitrogen and / or sulphured fertilizers
• flexible hangars and sheds for storing agricultural materials or shelter for animals
• ergonomic, perforated, breathable, thermo-reflective walls for sheds
• tarpaulins for waterproofing bodies or trailers
• mantles for harvesting fruit and vegetables
• mantles for waterproofing wells, cisterns, cement tanks, brick, tuff
• shading or anti-hail coats for crops in general
• variable volume pneumatic fillers for draining tanks containing food liquids and chemical compounds.

agricultural shelter
structures for animal shelter
animal shelter
fruit harvest tarpaulin
sliding closures for roofing
mobile closures for roofing
fast portals for roofing closure
anti-condensation  pierced doors for cattle farm
pierced doors for animal husbandry
pierced mobile doors for animal husbandry
waterproofing for tanks of seaweed cultivation
coverings for sewage storage tank
waterproofing for basins of seaweed cultivation
waterproofing for irrigation basins
waterproofin for irrigation ditch
waterproofin for ponds
trailer tarpaulin
covering tarpaulins for agricultural transport wagons
fire-fighting liquid storage tanks
rainwater tanks
fertilizer tanks
rainwater tanks
seaweed cultivation tanks
fertilizer tanks
food gasometer
inert gas gosmeter
sulfur dioxide gasometer
food liquid transport tanks


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