We Design

innovative SOLUTIONS

Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

Our values

Meet the needs of our customers in efficient and effective way

our values

The commitment aimed at satisfying customer expectations brings Rasero Plastomer Engineering to the constant search for new materials, new technologies and new processes to meet the needs of customers.

The constant innovation allows to anticipate the technical evolutions, and the flexibility allows to operate in different sectors at national and international level while providing highest levels of quality and productivity.

Rasero Plastomer Engineering seeks to diversify products and markets with the aim of transferring the different knowledge acquired in different sectors to customers operating in different fields while maximizing the synergy based on knowledge, reliability, maximum robustness and longevity.

Being a company with a great history behind, Rasero Plastomer Engineering prioritizes safe environment for future generations and consequently pays the utmost attention to the use of sustainable materials, pursuant to the stringent EU directives and regulations, which are 100% recyclable, and analyzed by research program encompassing the life cycle of the products and their impact on the environment.

Our expertise and experience

Manufacturing of products from plastomers

our experience

Rasero Plastomer Engineering manufactures its products using technical fabrics, special fibers, innovative fibers coated in plastomers such as PVC, PVDF, PTFE, ETFE, TiO2 nano titanium, HDPE, sheerfill, polyurethane (PU) and alcryn.

The range of materials used makes it possible to meet a multitude of quality requirements to chemical endurance (resistance to acids, bases, hydrocarbons, additives, oils), mechanical endurance (resistance to bending, abrasion, perforation, tears, accidents, reinforced with wire mesh inside anti-intrusion), environmental resistance (resistance to atmospheric agents, UV, ozone, fire, cold, high temperatures, marine environment), comfort improvement (thermally insulated, thermo-reflective, sound absorbing, sound-repelling) and chemical-environmental inertia (compatibility with food products [TAC / EU / FDA / NSF], drinking water [KTW], usage in nuclear power plants [PMUC], antistatics for explosive industries or hazardous materials).

Our means/capacity

Research and development

our means

The Rasero Plastomer Engineering operates a research and development office and designs internally with the 'help of specific software 2D, 3D, Solidworks, Rhinoceros.
Our company also makes use of the consultancy of specialized researches and performs periodic checks (laboratory tests, test bench) on materials and finished products.

The Rasero Plastomer Engineering works in partnership and regular liaison with clients to design and create specific products of high technical value.

For the manufacturing of plastomer coated products, company deploys specific methods of production, such as welding at high frequency, ultrasound, heat, continuous thread, order management integrated with stock and cutting system, management of computerized warehouses and automatic computerized cutting systems.

International dimensions

A worldwide network of partners

international dimensions

Starting from 2010 the Rasero Plastomer Engineering has created a network of partners and agents around the world assisted by internal business counseling in order to better satisfy the needs of end-customers and benefit all members in the chain.


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