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Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

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Rasero Plastomer Engineering

Company specialized in the design and manufacturing products of plastomers coated technical fabrics.

For over 60 years Rasero Plastomer Engineering has been designing, developing, producing and marketing the flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions based on elastomer, plastomer materials and / or composite.

Company is present in more than 30 countries through agents or distributors, and besides, it develops its expertise and know-how in very different sectors such as the food industry; transport; industrial, commercial, sports and hospital logistics, civil defense, nautical and aeronautical protection, environmental protection , chemical and nuclear energy, agriculture, textile architecture and solar protection

Our areas of intervention


Nautical and Aeronautical

Industry, Commerce, Health and Sport

Agriculture and Farming

Chemical and Nuclear Energy

Architectural textile and Solar Protection

Sport and Solidarity


Civil Protection




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