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Flexible, tensioned, inflatable, three-dimensional solutions in elastomer, plastomer and / or composite material.

Civil Protection

Civil protection centers and external military bases can use numerous products of the Rasero Plastomer Engineering in their operations:
• flexible demountable sheds, with quick-fit metal or inflatable frames,
• flexible tanks for transportation, containment and storage of food liquids, fuel, hydrocarbons, in any type of location or climate,
• floating anti-pollution barriers that allow you to channel, divert, withhold or even stop contaminants,
• camouflage camping covers, antiradar, covers of armaments, containers and truck covers,
• stretchers and inflatable systems to protect and / or transport injured people,
• landing platforms for military special forces training,
• flexible transportable and towable tanks,
• fireproofing flexible tanks, airborne fireproof tanks,
• terrestrial anti-flood barriers.

vehicles shelter
emergency facility
earthquake emergency facility
earthquake emergency facility
multifunctional structure
accomodation facilities
warehouse for storage of goods and materials
aeronautic hangar
landing mattresses
landing cushion
oxigen gasometer
fuel storage tank
fire-fighting liquid storage tank
anti-radar camouflage nets
anti-pollution inflatable booms
anti-pollution floating booms


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